On March 10th, 1933, a meeting of 75 citizens of Stonycreek Township was held for the purpose of organizing a volunteer fire department.

 Mr. Frank Helsel, President of the Dale Fire Co. was asked to assist and proposed the resolution to organize the company.  

The first officers were:
                                                                                President - Perce Appleyard
                                                                                Vice President - Earl Griffith
                                                                                Secretary - Earl Giles Jr.
                                                                                Treasurer - Kline Ober
                                                                                Fire Chief - Quint Geisel
                                                                                Asst Chief - Ronald Hudson
                                                                                2nd Asst Chief - Clyde Horner
                                                                                Hose Director - Ken James
                                                                                Pipe Director - Roy Strong 

A plot of ground was offered by Mollie Bowden for the building.  The current building is located on this plot of ground.

On September 15th it was voted to purchase a Packard Touring Car and to convert it to a hose truck.  It was stored in the basement of Eugene Schrader's Service Station.

A fire siren was donated by the Franklin Vol. Fire Co.  The first alarm system was a telephone arrangement which set the alarm off and the first person to answer would call the

Chief's house to get the location of the call.  Mr Hudson by this time had assumed the role of Fire Chief.

On Monday June 17th, 1940 a devastating fire destroyed the Green Gables Service Station where the department was storing its equipment.

 All was lost, and the members immediately voted to purchase a second hand 1922 750 Gallon American La France pumper from the Wilkensburg Fire Co. for $800.00.  

On August 5th 1940 work was begun on building a fire department and was completed on April 21st, 1941.  

In 1942, a funeral coach was purchased from Sanitary Dairy, less tires, and was put into ambulance service once tires were obtained through the local rationing board.  

In 1946 Oakland chanced  off its first car in a highly successful fundraiser.   This occured every year until 2007 when it was discontinued.

Again on August 5th, 1948 the department was dealt a major setback when it was gutted by fire.  The LaFrance was pushed from the building and used to put out the fire,

but all other equipment was lost.  Rebuilding was begun in 1948 and by December 3rd the rebuilt fire hall was completed.

A new 1948 Mack Pumper was placed into service in March of 1949.  

The need for an ambulance was stressed at the November 1949 meeting and a motion was passed to purchase a Chevrolet Ambulance.

 In January 1950 a new ambulance was placed into service at a cost of $3,800.

In 1952, through the fine cooperative efforts of the Fire Company and the community, it was possible to pay off the debt of $20,000.00 to the Dale Bank and the mortgage

was burned on December 3rd, 1952.

The Company has constantly replaced old and out-dated equipment whenever possible.  The 1922 LaFrance pumper was replaced in 1956 with a 1957 750 gallon Mack pumper with

all the accessories.  The Ambulance was replaced in 1959 with a 1960 Imperial Coach and this vehicle was replaced in 1969 with a 1969 Cadilac Ambulance at a cost of $13,000.  

The old one was sold to the Richland Vol. Fire Co.

In 1983, a 1750 GPM Sutphen was placed in service and served the department well.  It was replaced in 2006 with a Spartan 2000 GPM CAFS Engine.

A 1976 Dodge Mini Pumper served the department for many years until being replaced with a new Attack Truck in 2002.